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Heat Press Printing Is Best on Athleticwear for These Reasons

Heat press printing is a useful tool for garment decorators in the athletic apparel sector. It allows them to adhere numbers and symbols to the clothing to meet the requirements of the sport’s governing body. Heat press printing also allows them to quickly and accurately place the numbers and symbols in their designated locations in the right colors.

For instance, it is essential to have numerals that are easily decipherable. There are various ways to add numbers to team uniforms, such as screen printing, application, sublimation, printed or cutting, and vinyl cuts. You must determine what technique works best for your situation due to the pros and cons associated.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each method is essential in choosing the perfect system for your store. Here’s why heat pressing is the preferred t-shirt printing method for sports apparel:

Ergonomic Space

Heat transfer printing is a simple and efficient process that requires little space in a workspace. It involves a collaboration of multiple teams to complete tasks, usually with a heat press. Most projects are completed quickly and easily with this method.

Lower Costs

When it comes to printing, there are two main types of screen printing presses: manual and automatic. Although each has a slightly different approach, they both require a screen with a design to create text, names, and numbers on the artwork. To keep up with the different typefaces and sizes, retailers must invest time, money, and space to maintain their screens. One cost-effective solution is to discard the screens after one use simply.

Screen printing can be done in different ways. For some methods, a separate screen is needed for each number, while other methods can fit multiple numbers on the same horizontal screen. It is necessary to have enough supplies to complete the job, and the most popular sizes typically use eight different typefaces that range from four to ten digits. For this particular job, stores would need 288 displays.

If all of the typefaces used in a project were to have an outline in a different color, printers would double the number of screens needed to print the project. This would make printing less expensive, but it would require additional money to buy the equipment and select colors.

Streamlined Processes

Athletic uniforms are made from various fabrics, each with its own needs. Printing on these materials requires special inks and chemicals, as well as a high level of skill. Different types of adhesives and fabrics are used in screen printing transfers and vinyl stencils to ensure that printing on these materials is successful. These materials and adhesives are designed to address the challenges of printing on athletic uniforms.

On the other hand, heat press printing numbers is a simple process used by many businesses for sports embellishment. It involves vinyl-cut or screen-printed transfer numerals instead of screens.

A designer can use a graphic design program to access millions of fonts. A decorator can get the look and feel of plastisol-ink while ordering pre-cut numbers or having them cut on-demand with a vinyl cutter. Screen-printed transfer numbers provide more font options for t-shirt printing without needing inventory.

The Final Press

If you are selling sportswear, a thermal transfer is an ideal option. Whether you are creating a store for a sports center, sponsoring a tour team, or having a smooth shopping experience, many of the leading businesses already reap its rewards. All that is needed is a heat press.

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